TYCO PARKS THE CAR is a short film about Tyco, an unemployed Broadway dancer, faced with the responsibility of parking a very old car in a very busy city. When Tyco’s pregnant wife surprises him with a 1993 Mercury Sable, a car gifted to them from his father in law, his life turns into a living hell. Figuring out when to move, where to move, and just getting to the car on time proves very challenging and Tyco manages to score plenty of tickets. Along the way, he meets a friendly car parker named Kevin and suddenly his luck changes.


The story of TYCO is based on the true life story of writer and star, Jeffrey Schecter.  Jeff would routinely get parking tickets, until he figured out a way to pass the time and NOT get parking tickets.  What better way to pass the time, than to write?  So, Jeff started to pull from his own life and wrote a first draft for Tyco, while he sat in his car.  A few years later, TYCO PARKS THE CAR was born. 


TYCO is directed by Vilka Tzouras, an Independent filmmaker born in Montreal, Canada.